Vino blanco begam

Begam White

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Bodegas ontinium    

Young wine made from grapes from vineyards of organic production with D.O Valencia and the Clariano Subzone. From the Macabeo and Moscatell varieties this wine is produced with great personality and rich in nuances thanks to the very characteristic environment where they are located, to the efforts of farmers committed to a production that respects the environment and a careful traditional elaboration.


Crystalline yellow in color that denotes its youth; we can appreciate fruity aromas with floral notes that are accentuated by oxygenation in the glass. Silky in the mouth and with a pleasant acidity that gives it freshness and persistence.


It can be drunk alone or to accompany pasta, rice and especially fish and shellfish.


It is recommended to serve at a temperature between 7 and 10ºC.


70% Macabeo, 30% Moscatell