Sobrasada valenciana casera

Homemade Sobrassada

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In the elaboration of this artisan homemade Valencian sobrasada, 99% Iberian pork loin bacon has been used, in addition to paprika, salt and a mixture of spices. Dextrose, soy protein, antioxidant E-316, preservative E-252 and dye E-120 have also been used.

Product holder of the 'Crafts of the Valencian Region' seal. Since it is made in the small workshop of the butcher shop and by hand, which means that it preserves its traditional essence. A unique opportunity to savor the authentic homemade Valencian sobrasada.

Vacuum packed and weighing 280g approx.

Contains soy and may contain traces of milk.

Sin gluten.

Store in a cool, dry place between 9 and 24º. Remove the vacuum pack once opened.