Audentia Crianza tinto

Audentia Aged Red

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Covered within the PDO Valencia where the climate is warm and strongly influenced by the Mediterranean are the grapevines that produce the select bunches of grapes that make up this red. In limestone-clayey soils and with intense sun almost daily, the vines are controlled to select the best bunches at their optimum point of maturity that will pass, after crushing, to a vinification in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and using selected yeasts. After the assembly and homogenization of the different deposits, it is aged for at least 6 months in Missouri oak barrels, giving rise to elegant and well-structured wine.


We find a ruby-colored wine with brick tones and a medium layer. Ripe fruit predominates in its aromas on an undergrowth background and toasted notes provided by the oak. A round and smooth wine on the palate, with a silky texture that caresses the palate and moderate tannins.


A wine that excellently accompanies stews, roasts, red meats, barbecues or a table of cheeses and cured sausages.


It is recommended to open the bottle about 30 minutes before serving and that the wine is at a temperature between 16 and 18ºC in order to fully appreciate its attributes.


50% Tempranillo, 30% Monastrell, 20% Syrah