Vino blanco cimera

Cimera White

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Clos cor ví    

Award-winning white wine made from grapes selected from the best vines of the Riesling and Viognier varieties planted on the plot of the estate with the greatest composition of river sands and calcareous soil. Aging of 9 months in two phases; In a first phase, the aging takes place in French oak barrels with the two varieties separated to pass to a second phase where they are assembled and aging is completed.


With greenish reflections, it has a clean and bright straw yellow color. Complex and intense aroma reminiscent of roasted apple, stone fruit and citrus with salty and spicy touches. In the mouth, its great volume and body are appreciated with an acidity that gives it persistence and a long aftertaste where flashes of tropical fruit appear and a pleasant bitter point typical of the variety.


Wide range of possibilities, from grilled salmon to select white meat through Mediterranean rice dishes.


It is recommended to serve at a temperature between 10 and 12ºC.


50% Riesling, 50% Viognier