Los Arraez Arcos Red

Los Arraez Arcos Red

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Single varietal red wine 100% Arcos de Miguel, a native red grape from the Levant, forgotten and almost extinct that Bodegas Arráez is recovering. Coming from the highest plot of the Font de la Figuera, located at 735m high, integrated into the mountain and surrounded by pine trees, where the princes of the forests live, the deer, who guard the vines and give magical moments during the harvest . The 9000-liter French oak cask production and its subsequent aging in it for 6 months, give this unique wine some toasted and spicy nuances that make it different and elegant.


Burgundy in color with a low layer that deceives the eye. Its aromas are dominated by forest fruits on a toasted background, intertwined with pleasant balsamic notes of laurel and eucalyptus, and slight spicy touches. On the palate it shows its freshness and lightness, although with a sweet center and a long and complex finish. A wine that transports us to the origins of our land.


Special to accompany all kinds of Mediterranean dishes, whether they are meat, rice, pasta or a combination of tapas. A truly versatile wine when combining with food.


It is recommended to serve it at a temperature between 12 and 15ºC.


100% Arcos de Miguel