Mistela jarabe de palo

Mistela Jarabe de Palo

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Muscat liqueur wine, made from the Moscatel de Alejandría variety and with PDO Alicante. Good body, consistency and intensity, the result of the Mediterranean influence in the vineyards from which we obtain the grapes, located a short distance from the coast. Of a dark golden color, limpid and bright, very intense and fine aromatically, with notes of honey and well-ripened muscat grapes on a floral base and smoky touches provided by the infusion of French oak. It is sweet, fruity and fresh on the palate, with flavors of honey and muscat grapes with notes of spices and dried fruits provided by the wood.

Alcohol: 15% Packaging: 75cl.

Presentation: It is recommended to serve between 8 and 10ºC in a wide glass, accompanying sweets, chocolates, nuts or drinking only with a piece of ice.