Negroni Jarabe de Palo

Negroni Jarabe de Palo

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This delicious and sophisticated negroni created by Jarabe de Palo avoid the typical mixture of the three elements that make up a typical Negroni. This Negroni is the result of an elaborate process in which a Mixture of Origins composed essentially of:
  • 1/3 of Muscatel Wine macerated with cinnamon, gentian, absinthe and Origanum dictamnus (oregano from Crete).
  • 1/3 infusion of bitter herbs and grated fruit preserving the rind. Rhubard, quinine, grapefruit, ginger.
  • 1/3 infusion of juniper fruit (Nebrinas)

To all this we must add what is already a symbol of the brand, the maceration in the bottle that gives it flavors and aromas of toasted oak thanks to the Oak Master stoppers.

It has a mahogany color with red reflections, with aromas of bitter orange and berries with notes of sweet orange and a touch of spice provided by French oak. With a very balanced flavor, it presents an attack that is characterized by the sweet and botanical notes of the vermouth. The passage through the mouth adds complexity, appearing juniper and citrus. In the aftertaste there are slight notes of absinthe, quinine and gentian, which are extended over time making it long, elegant and pleasant.

It pairs perfectly with all kinds of appetizers, such as salted fish, preserves, nuts or olives. It is recommended to serve very cold, in a wide glass with two ice cubes and an orange peel.

As a curiosity we can add that the Negroni cocktail is a variation of the American (Vermouth, Campari and soda) that had its origin in the Bar Casoni in Florence. There, Count Camilo Negroni was a regular to drink his Americano, until one day he suggested to his bartender that he substitute Dry Gin for soda, to give a touch of strength to the cocktail. From that moment on, it became the earl's regular drink, and each time, people asked for it more often. Over time, this combination of spirits was given the name Negroni cocktail.