Red Wine Cent Piques Graciano

Red Wine Cent Piques Graciano

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Hundred Spades Graciano

Wine made entirely from grapes of the Graciano variety. A very complex variety with low-yielding vines that, together with its peculiarity, acidity and great aromatic intensity, have made it a complementary grape to other varieties such as Garnacha or Tempranillo. To some wines made with these varieties, a part of Graciano is added to give it a touch of energy. But at "Cent Piques Graciano", he has become the main actor, obtaining a wine with a wide range of aromas and an unusual and attractive color.


From the outset we can appreciate the intensity of its cherry red color with a fine violet rim, followed by a strong load of complex aromas, with hints of violet and blueberries on a base of undergrowth. On the palate it surprises us with its lightness and elegance, with some fine tannins that add complexity. Very well structured, fresh and enduring over time in the aftertaste.


It is not very common to find wines made entirely with the Graciano variety, although they can pair with a wide variety of dishes such as game poultry such as pheasant or partridge, dishes with baked vegetables or grilled vegetables, as well as elaborate dishes with Iberian pork.


Its consumption is recommended at a temperature between 16 and 18ºC


100% Graciano